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Chasing Easy in a Life of Hard Choices talks about lifes stuff that happens to all of us at some level. 

Explore how I discovered that there is more to life than chasing easy in relationships and unplanned pregnancies that led to a beautiful realization of what true freedom looks like. It wasn't doing it my way.  

Allow Jesus' perfect love to arrest your heart and grip your soul! You will never be the same. Amen.

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Raw. Relatable. Shocking. Vulnerable. Consoling. Provoking. Each of those words is what I would use to describe the experience of reading this book. As you step into this guided journey, I think you will be forever grateful Teresa chose to say yes to the Holy Spirit and surrender her impressive image for a breathtakingly honest retelling of her story. Thank you, Teresa, for paying the price to offer up this fresh “yes.” Stories have the power to inspire us. True stories have the power to transform us. May you hear the tender voice of God as you keep turning the pages of this book.


Joshua Finley, speaker, author, coach

In Chasing Easy  in a Life of Hard Choices Teresa invites you to the life you want by surrendering your past to the One who loves you in spite of it. You will discover that a colorful history does not define you nor does it prevent you from God’s best. Follow her journey from feelings of damaged goods to daughter of the Most High. Allow an unimaginable grace to grip your heart and usher in a new beginning; as she did. Healing is a choice; it is your choice.

Jody Almond, Senior Pastor Transformation Church, Founder and CEO of Soulution Ministries


About Teresa Leet 

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Teresa loved doing life her way; which in the end created heartache, disappointment and depression. In a series of revealing choices, she discovered a true freedom that comes from doing life Gods way. 

She enjoys life with her amazing husband Ron, often visiting grandog Kate and her precious grandsons, with a granddaughter on the way. 

"Life is easy, it's the choices you make that are hard. " Ron Leet Jr. 

Discovering your purpose and WHY you have led the life you had up to now, will usher in a new sense of acceptance that has nothing to do with people. 

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